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Foto de ExxonMobil de: Global Headquater Houston Campus Energy Center
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Global Headquater Houston Campus Energy Center
Foto de ExxonMobil de: science
Foto de ExxonMobil de: work together
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Teamwork
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Women Engineer
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Refinery
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Research
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Offshore
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Plant
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Scientist
Foto de ExxonMobil de: Women engineer
Foto de ExxonMobil de: ”What attracted me was the culture. There are a lot of smart people; it’s very challenging compared to the competition. Also, they offer a really good compensation package, to be honest.” - Amr
Foto de ExxonMobil de: “What I love the most about the culture is the type of people that I work with. I’m challenged on a day-to-day basis I work with the smartest people in the industry and in my field.” - Daniela
Foto de ExxonMobil de: “What attracted me was impact that ExxonMobil makes on a local scale and a global scale, the power, and the responsibility that ExxonMobil has to truly power the world.” - Cory
Foto de ExxonMobil de: “We have councils that sit down and focus on each individual employee and say, "What's the potential of this employee and what can we do to make sure that employee reaches that potential?" - Nena
Foto de ExxonMobil de: “This job is not about anything mundane. There’s always something new to think about, and something new to learn.” - Mark, Business Development
Foto de ExxonMobil de: “These guys are pretty hardcore, and that's what's really cool about it. There's a lot of smart people at ExxonMobil, and a lot of hard working people. It helps you elevate your game.” - Michael
Foto de ExxonMobil de: “There’s a great career development program that allows us to move between positions and work for different parts of the organization, so you’re always learning new things.” - Hilary
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Oportunidades laborales populares entre las personas que buscan empleo en ExxonMobil

Ingeniero/a Químico/a
Ingeniero/a petrolero/a
Operador/a de Procesos
Ingeniero/a Mecánico/a
Técnico/a de Procesos
Ingeniero/a de procesos
Técnico/a de Laboratorio
Ingeniero/a Civil
Científico/a de datos
Ingeniero/a Eléctrico/a
Ingeniero/a de Proyectos
Ingeniero/a de Estructuras
Ingeniero/a de Sonido
Analista financiero/a
Ingeniero/a de Mantenimiento

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