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Actualizado el Jun 27, 2017

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Me postulé en línea. Acudí a una entrevista en Cameron Craig Group (Washington, DC) en Jun 2017


I applied online. Had my phone screen with Marc Tappis from Cameron Craig Group. He said I was a perfect fit, as I had a lot of Workday experience, and also had a Workday certification. Then an hour before I was supposed to be interviewed by Clark Construction, Marc rudely emails me and says "After further review, you are not a good fit. Sorry" I found it strange that before he looked me up on LinkedIn and saw I was African American, I was a "perfect fit," then after he found out my race, I was "not a good fit." Considering I was supposed to have my interview in the next 60 minutes, I emailed and called Marc to ask what he meant by I was no longer a good "fit." He never emailed or called me back. I can completely understand if I looked unprofessional on LinkedIn, maybe wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but I had professional pictures taken, and I was in a black suit with a tie. I have never felt more discriminated against in my entire life. Simply put, this was racism.

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Cameron Craig Group

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I applied online. Gene McQueen at the Cameron Craig Group called me to ask some more information of my background, my salary expectations, relocation situation, etc. They connected me with the employer who pretty much took it from there. Interviewing process went smoothly. Two phone interviews followed by an in-house face-to-face with my direct supervisor and the Plant Manager.

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