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    Practicante actual - Practicante anónimo en Madrid (España)
    Practicante actual - Practicante anónimo en Madrid (España)
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    It is a great company to work at. In Spain, the industry offers great opportunities in terms of work balance and salary. Company values and benefits are great.


    As a trainee the salary is not very competitive and some trainee positions are not sufficiently structured, however the company gives you the chance to learn a lot if you have attitude.

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    Engage in young people iniciatives to grow.

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    Me postulé a través de una recomendación de un empleado. El proceso me llevó Más de 2 meses. Acudí a una entrevista en GlaxoSmithKline (Madrid (España)) en enero de 2012.


    My interview began 35min after the meeting time and I saw a previous candidate leave the office. My interview started with 2 on 1 questioning with GSK's Marketing Director and Regional Director that latter became a 1:1. As soon as I entered I was debriefed with what they were looking and asked about my professional experience.

    Although they had a very good recommendation from a former boss and current global VIP, they had already selected a candidate by the time of my interview. As I flew from Barcelona to Madrid for this interview, they were ashamed to tell me upfront so they continued the process "as usual" but the lack of interest was obvious on the spot. I think it was unprofessional behavior to interview me as a favor to other VIPs.

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