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Intel Corporation CEO Pat Gelsinger
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Intel Corporation CEO Pat Gelsinger
Pat Gelsinger
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Actualizado el 29 de sept de 2023

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    1. 3,0
      6 de sept de 2023
      Exempleado, menos de 1 año
      San Jose, CA
      Aprobación del CEO
      Perspectiva de la empresa


      Legacy company. Several pivotal contributions to High-Tech field. Strong and experienced management who, unfortunately, continue to face a lot of headwinds.


      I shared my experience as an applicant but feel the need/ urgency to reiterate as I've always held Intel in very high regards. Race/ gender politics is superseding meritocracy, starting right at applicant pool assessment stage. I so happen to be a woman and of 'color' (POC, to be politically correct). Despite there being a strong alignment in terms of skills/ exp. with a highly specialized role, I was being tapped out as I didn't meet desired race profile of HR/ Managers, who too happened to be POCs. I've had a similar experience previously. Intel is suffering from race-nepotism, where certain managers may bar certain other ethnicities, especially if they'd like to be perceived as 'model minority'. I can see this eroding objective, meritocratic assessment of deserving candidates who may not want to chime in 'lead'h'er' song or vow allegiance to any specific ethnic group, over choosing the company. This strategic barring is done by very seasoned (cunning) Chief of Staff.

      1. 5,0
        13 de sept de 2023
        IP Development Engineer
        Empleado actual
        Aprobación del CEO
        Perspectiva de la empresa


        - Flexible work hours with the option of remote work or hybrid work is amazing! I am never stuck in commute anymore. Was given an allowance of 1000 USD to set up my home office as well. - Company vision and mission is something that I personally believe will succeed in the coming years. - Great charismatic CEO who was formerly an engineer at Intel as well. I like how down to earth he is and how open he is to tough conversations. One small thing that I appreciate is his weekly update videos that he releases to employees every Friday. - The people here are nothing short of talented and supportive. I have seniors who are willing to mentor and advocate for me when it comes to promotions. The lack of office politics is great as well.


        - Not enough headcount in some areas leading to overworked employees. Feels like a startup for some projects. - Career progression is similar to other Multinational Companies in the sense that it is quite slow even if you are talented and perform outstandingly - Current austerity measures over the last year contribute to lower morale and turnover leading to more work for those who are left behind

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