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Se le preguntó a Software Tester/Quality Assurance…6 de enero de 2012

You are taking a test and one of the questions has been smudged so it is not legible, based on the answers alone, what has to be the correct answer: A. all of the below B. none of the below C. all of the above D. one of the above E. none of the above F. none of the above

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Maybe I'm having a bad day, but I don't get why F. is the answer.

I believe it's E, not F. If A is true, B has to be true - contradiction. If B is true, D is also true - contradiction. If C is true, A and B have to be true, but they are not. D can't be true because we already ruled out all of those above D. (skip E) F can't be true because E would also be true, which contradicts F. (back to E) E may be true because we did rule out all of the above. And if E is true then F is false, which is also consistent. Menos

This is incorrect. E only states that the letters above are incorrect, but does not disprove F. Thus, E also includes F as a true statement. However, F disproves the truth of E. Therefore the only answer does that is not contradicted by anything else is F. Menos

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Avani Cimcon

example of high and low priority bugs. SDLC stlc. boundary value analysis equivalent partionaing

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I guess the person has not appeared for any interview. If company does not want to select anyone why they waste their own time. If talented resource is not there then i guess its company's call to hire the person or not. And for your kind knowledge, already people are working with the company and they are talented enough. I guess you should prepare more to be hired. All the best. Menos

This guy is not even an employee of the company and still i don't know why he is this much bothered about the company. If you are not selected that is your problem. Humble request to glassdoor kindly don't allow outsiders to write about the company if they don't know anything. Menos

First of all Glassdoor is here for all outsiders to post their experience in company the application is made for such purpose for a open culture. Another thing friends All good reviews are posted by company HR or CTO please don't believe in good reviews else you will the another one posting bad reviews but after personal experience. Menos

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Tata Consultancy Services

test life cycle in assurance

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explained all phases of test lifecycle

Software Testing Life Cycle 1.Requirment analysis 2.Test planning 3.Test Designing/Test case development 4.Environment setup 5.Test Execution 7.Test cycle closure/Test reporting Menos

Software Testing Life Cycle 1.Requirment analysis 2.Test planning 3.Test Designing/Test case development 4.Environment setup 5.Test Execution 7.Test cycle closure/Test reporting Menos

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You are given a beaker and a single bacterium, which will reproduce into two bacteria in exactly 1 minute, at 12:00 noon. It is full at 1:00 pm. When was it half full?

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It's a simple 2^x thing, so if it's full at 1:00 and doubles every 1 minute, it was half full one minute prior at 12:59. Menos

It is exponential growth and it is half full at 12:59. The beaker will be full at 2^60 , dividing this by 2 is 2^59. where the 59 is the minutes. Menos

12:29 it will be half and full at 1:00pm

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Crossover for Work

Test techniques

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Whats the difficulty level of interview?Regarding Automation testing what kind of questions they ask? Menos

Interview was on QA Tester position and was just basically the various techniques, test types and some basic terms from the ISEB. Also i got an offer after two weeks after entering the marketplace.. Menos

BVA, State transition , Decision tables

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What consoles do you own?

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I own Playstation 3, Playstation Vita... etc

I own ps 1,2,3,and4

I own a playstation 4, and a playstation 5

Crossover for Work

No interview. Just tests.

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No, it's Manual Testing.

Can you please let know how many test cases was you able to execute within that 50 mins time frame ... I did appear for the real work today hence was having this question Menos

I was able to do all 5 test cases given. I even had to retest one test case coz the system had a problem. Menos

Premier Designs

Questions were easy, most were personal and some were technical. The company is trying to figure out, what direction they want to go with their software since they just starting to implement QA.

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I feel, I did really good on the questions and showed proffessionalism

I hope you did better than you did on your punctuation and spelling.

@ the Nazi punctuation person, your mom wasn't complaining about it last night! Please get a life! Menos

Se le preguntó a QA Tester…11 de febrero de 2019

Are you a PC or console gamer?

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Am a console player sometime PS4 some time nentendo

I am a pc gamer

Electronic Arts
Se le preguntó a QA Tester…31 de octubre de 2017

If you had one console to play for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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See it depends on gamer likes , some games are dependent on console and true gamer never restricted to one ☝particularly console. Menos

PC, because you can manipulate a PC to do anything. Emulation, word processing, the options are endless. Menos

A ps4 for sure .

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