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Se le preguntó a Study Director…19 de agosto de 2016

How do you deal with the deadlines?

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I fire the weakest person on the schedule/team. Then I hold a meeting with the group telling that the person was fired for being behind sched and lazy. This will instill fear on the remaining team. Menos

I always want to meet the deadline, but sometimes I depend on someone's work to reach the deadline. Menos

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories

Are you or any person you know affiliated with animal rights groups?

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Hell Ya


Do you have experience working in a GLP (Good Lab Practices) lab or ISO 10993?

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I was not familiar with GLP and I was only passingly familiar with ISO 10993, but I was familiar with both. Menos

Great questions about my beliefs and my skills. Not your usual, "what are your strengths" but in depth questions that reached to the core of who I am as an individual.

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Below I am asked what year and I chose 2014.. but the interview was actually in 2012.. but 2012 was not an option in the drop down menu. Menos

EF English First

Describe one negative experience you had in your previous job.

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I described an experience I had with a teacher who was having personal problems and thus was having difficulties with dealing with students. I describe how we supported her and helped her become more confident in class. The problem with the recruitment process , however, was that they never contacted me again to say if I had been approved or not, even though they said they would get back to me in a week. I wrote and called and again was promised to get get an answer soon, but that never came. Menos


What is your experience with government RFPs and contracts?

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x years experience writing proposals and managing contracts.

University of Notre Dame

Why do you want to work for Notre Dame?

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Academic prestige and profile of students; high participation rates for and wide variety of study abroad programs. Menos

Academic Bridge

Why do you want to be an English language teacher?

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I find the language fascinating and discovered that my love for teaching English stemmed down from my love for the language itself. Menos


Can you come to work by 8 AM? (Seriously)

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What is your experience with project management?

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x years experience in education and government

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