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Actualizado el May 15, 2020

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The interview process itself was average and pretty easy, and the people seem to care about the organization, its mission, and its product. But there were redundancies, and the end of the process was very disappointing. Therefore, I do not recommend it based on the poor experience I had. Recruiter reached out to schedule a time, and I replied. After no response for about a week, I followed up a few more times before the recruiter scheduled the first call. Following the initial screening, I went through five interviews. On two of the occasions, the interviewer had clearly not seen my resume or known anything about me other than my name, which was a bit disappointing. The last interview was with the CEO's chief of staff - this was a bit unusual, and not really sure how it related to the role. At this point, there was nothing new to be learned, and the questions were more or less the same as in the first few rounds. After that, I followed up regarding next steps and received a robotic reply saying it was nice to meet me and to learn more, but they would not move forward. It felt unprofessional to send a cold email after spending many hours in discussions with the organization, and I felt some feedback would have been helpful, or at the least a quick call - not a generic copy-and-paste email at 2:03 in the morning.

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