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- Suppose you have a 2 tiered application, Web servers and db servers, customar says app is slow, due to DB slowness. How would you solve the slowness?? Question was "mutating" when I gave each answer.

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Question involves lot of diferent areas, and you have to ask for more details. First "step", is add an internal LB in front of DBs, after that, create a (number of) read replicas. After all of that, think of using CDN to deliver content. And after that, use route 53 to direct traffic to the closest WEB server.

Conocimiento técnico de API's, de Google Analytics, de herramientas digitales, de servidores, etc.

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Tell me about a time you exceeded your customer/company expectations, and went beyond duty.

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I was asked how to drive a customers towards keeping solutions out of the box to avoid customization

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Q: can you describe a typical CI / CD cycle?

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You are given 5 days to complete an exercise which consists of 2 parts using their product. You also need to create the corresponding documentation/presentation.

¿Cuál es tu principal motivo para un cambio de trabajo? ¿Cuál es tu sueldo bruto pretendido?

tell us about your previous experience working with other vendors

Diversas preguntas a nivel personal, intereses y de experiencia laboral. También una serie de preguntas relacionadas a conocimientos técnicos y de procesos como Metodologías Ágiles, conocimientos de arquitectura y de distintos procesos de negocios (ejemplo Lead to Sales) Por ultimo un Panel en donde debía presentar una solución.

Qué se entiende por una aplicación en un modelo de tres capas?

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