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English level, past experience, salary expectations, purpose of searching other opportunities.

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They don't offer working from home. They appear to hire only people near their offices. In conclusion, they don't seem to be flexible at all

Como fue la evolución de la gestión de permisos en android?

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Name three quality aspects you always check when you are implementing (or coding) a software product and explain why they are important for you.

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How do you solve a search in an ordered Array?

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How did you protect your website against XSS and CSRF?

Qué es una api, cómo harías un deploy, qué diferencias hay entre tal framework y tal otro.

What node modules and ORM did you use in your past projects?

Having my first interview in other language with the director of the software center at that moment. He challenged me by the very first moment without being aggressive but still very pushing. He did not even lower his pace when talking. Even though I was not really fluent in his language, I think he valued my honesty after all since he gave his ok to continue the recruiting process.

Find duplicates in a terabyte file system

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