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Preguntas de entrevistas para Semi senior software developer


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Can you tell me a little about yourself? Why do you like to work here? Tell me about your most recent project? Any personal projects using Microsoft technology?

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I am a Software developer with experience developing software with over N-Years... Because it is one of the best place to work in software developer... I had been working on a project with .Net technologies based on soa architecture for backend applications... Yes, i was developing a startup mobile application for manage information about sports and stats...

Would yo like to move to Buenos Aires?

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How many years have you worked like a developer?

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hablame de tus habilidades; nombra una situación donde hayas puesto en práctica esa habilidades. En la entrevista técnica: que es un prototipo, que es un objeto, si se puede cambiar o agregar un prototipo a un objeto...

Competency questions Tell me about the challenges in your last project and how did you solve them? How you adapt to changing requirements? to prioritising tasks? to reporting to stakeholders? How you worked to resolve it?

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