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Se le preguntó a Tracking & State Estimation Research Engineer/Scientist…18 de mayo de 2022

topological sort, can't say more


basic science questions related to my science nothing surprising or hard the easiest interview I had


What are metal organic frameworks?

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Metal-organic frameworks are a family of materials having metal centers linked by organic linkers. Menos


Do you know about POMs?

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I haven't worked on them but yes I know them.


How will you do differently if you could work on something you failed before?

Bowery Farming

Design of experiments and how they impact recommendations for commercialization of products

Agilent Technologies

Mostly related to my work.

I was handed a badly written quiz about WB, ELIZA..etc, and I answered the questions correctly


I can't disclose the interview questions.

Charles River Laboratories

Mainly competency based question but with some technical questions as well.

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