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Se le preguntó a Research Engineer Intern…4 de junio de 2009

What's the most adventure you've been through in your life?

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unexpected to me and made me rewinding my memories


DSA & Deep learning algorithms with implementation of it

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Balancing parenthesis with it code; LSTM, GRU, RNN, Segmentation, ML Algos ; Activation Functions, Object detection Algorithms etc Menos


Was asked about your projects

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You should have idea about end to end about the project & should be familiar with the technologies used in it. Menos

Bloomberg L.P.

build an interface and class that handles constant input of stock values for many companies and allows user to query current avg stock price of that company.

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singleton interface and hashmap maintaining avg across company name


One thing I didn't expect was for them to ask me classic programming algorithm design. This is for a group that does mostly social science.

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I was able to write an algorithm, but not optimally. Interviewer gave me very strong hints on how to best program it, and honestly I thought I wouldn't get it based on this interview. Menos


Asked random audio signal processing question to see if the candidate had engineering problem solving capabilities

Intel Corporation

The interview was very detailed regarding my technical background. I had to explain why I chose to took some of the courses and how this helped had me through my past years.


Describe your research done for the UROP at your university?


I have no knowledge about recommendater system.


Language and framework specific questions

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