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Preguntas de entrevistas para Product manager


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Former experience, interests, logic interview

Describe how you'd organize a development project.

When was your last job? Who was your direct Manager in the company? Tell me more about your current activities and projects

qué harías si un colaborador te plantea que quiere cambiar de puesto?

Qué harías si notas que un colaborador está desmotivado?

que métricas agiles utilicé a lo largo de mi experiencia?

Standard questions: - Why was I leaving my previos job? - Which was my biggest failure? - Which was my largest mistake? - How did I manage a stressful situation?

How would you solve a credibility issue with your development team? How do you work with data and users? What is your vision for certain products? Tell them a big hit which I'm proud of as a Product Manager, and a big miss. How do you deal with frustration?

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