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Se le preguntó a Petroleum Engineer…19 de junio de 2022

Why do you want to work here?

1. introduce yourself in english 2. tell your background education 3. tell your work experiences 4. what do you know about some certain tools in some certain job situations


Could you provide a technical challenge in which you show how to lead without authority?

Joshi Technologies Intl

Basics of PE like srp, well activation and stimulation were asked

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tell us about background. What is the role of a petroleum engineer in the oil and gas industry.

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What got you into the Petroleum Industry?

Nigerian National Petroleum

What safety precautions do you observe while at work?

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ensure the surrending is free from hazard and knowing the exit way


Typical behavior questions such as describing a time when…


The first assessment is working with about 60 wells' production data. The task includes well data analysis and decline curve analysis using python. The phone interview is basically asking about how you did the assessment. The face-to-face interview asking questions about your resume. No behavior questions are asking at this time.

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