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Se le preguntó a Oil and Gas Markets Analyst Position…19 de enero de 2015

Basic behavioral interview. All questions asked me to elaborate on some aspect of my resume. A couple people really dug into the technical parts of my resume, but they seemed to be checking on whether my resume was accurate more than my current technical abilities. I had a lot of volunteer work on my resume and they only asked me about what looked like fluff to them. Again, they seemed to be checking on how much my resume was embellished. They also asked about places I've traveled, if I play sports, last book I read, etc. The guy who didn't prepare questions asked me what animal describes me best and why. That one was by far the hardest.

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I was slated for 5 hours of behavioral interview time. Really the best advice I can give is come in well-rested. Don't exaggerate technical skills on resume because they checked. Menos

IHS Markit

How would you evaluate and determine your sources while preparing a report. what do you enjoy the most: doing research or giving presentations.


Thoughts on current oil market. (demand/supply)

Tell me about yourself? Why do you think that your background and experience is good fit for petroAngola? What do you know about petroAngola?

S&P Global

Why are we a better company than your current employer?

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