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Un ingeniero front-end se centra en la experiencia del usuario de un software o una aplicación. Durante una entrevista, tendrás que demostrar que entiendes los principios de diseño UX/UI (user experience/user interface, por sus siglas en inglés), tu compromiso con el código limpio y optimizado para la oferta de productos y la voluntad de trabajar con ingenieros back-end para resolver problemas. Seguramente te preguntarán acerca de tu experiencia técnica, así como sobre tu capacidad de gestión del personal y habilidades de diseño.

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Estas son las tres preguntas de entrevista más comunes para el puesto de ingeniero front-end y cómo responderlas:

Pregunta n.º 1: ¿Cuál es tu estilo de flujo de trabajo o de gestión preferido?

Respuesta recomendada: Describe las herramientas y metodologías que utilizas para gestionar el desarrollo de un producto. Habla sobre las estrategias que usas para trabajar con una variedad de partes interesadas, como clientes, ingenieros de ventas, marketing y back-end. Menciona los proyectos en que tu flujo de trabajo ha funcionado a la perfección dando ejemplos y expresa también tu disposición para adaptarte y cambiar cuando sea necesario.

Pregunta n.º 2: ¿Cómo gestionas las pruebas, las revisiones y los controles de versiones?

Respuesta recomendada: Gran parte de las tareas de un ingeniero front-end están relacionadas con los detalles fundamentales que garantizan que la experiencia sea excelente. Destaca que entiendes la importancia de un buen código limpio, protocolos de pruebas y gestión de versiones. Utiliza ejemplos de metodologías que hayas aplicado mencionando qué problemas abordaron o resolvieron.

Pregunta n.º 3: ¿Qué es lo que más te entusiasma del diseño UX/UI?

Respuesta recomendada: Esta pregunta te ofrece la oportunidad de expresar tu pasión por la ingeniería front-end. Explica cómo integras el diseño centrado en el usuario en tus proyectos y las filosofías que sigues. Habla sobre los libros o artículos que hayas leído y di con cuáles estás de acuerdo. Si es posible, habla de los cambios que prevés y de cómo crees que el diseño y la tecnología se adaptarán a esos cambios.

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Se le preguntó a Frontend Developer…27 de agosto de 2020

Easy quant and java questions

7 respuestas

How long do they take to announce results of quiz round?

As soon as you submit the quiz u will get the mail... May be if you get shortlisted otherwise i don't know Menos

Ty for your response. Do they confirm if I'm selected or not selected by mail?

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1. about 2. javascript typescript babel es5 es6 3. test driven development, unit-testing, continuous integration 4. react-redux, modern JS frameworks, JS closures 5. function sum(){/*add code here*/};console.log (sum(3)(5)(7)(3)()); // 18

4 respuestas

function sum(x) { return function(y) { return function(z){ return function(w){ return function(){ return x + y + z + w; } } } } } Menos

var sum = (n) => { let result = n; const fn = (n) => { if (n == null) { return result; } result += n; return fn; } return fn; } Menos

const sum = (n, res = 0) => ( n == null ? res : (x) => sum(x, res + n) ); Menos

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Round 1: Given a string and a style array render HTML pretty much like a rich text editor. For example: 'Hello, world', [[0, 2, 'i'], [4, 9, 'b'], [7, 10, 'u']] Output: '<i>Hel</i>l<b>o, w<u>orl</u></b><u>d</u> something like that.

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I used a hash map and a stack to store the indices. I pushed the style into a stack and popped off when I hit the index. I had to write the output so I took care of not having invalid HTML having the <b> and <u> mixed up. This particular use case I had to take care. The interviewer gave me some hints around the hash map but I came up with the algorithm and implemented almost through the complete hour.</u></b> Menos

You can answer it as an algorithm question. Or you can answer it like a true FEE by leveraging the platform. 1. Flatten the tags into a single array of open and close tag pairs. 2. Sort the flattened tags by injection index. 3. Insert tags in reverse order to preserve shifting index. 4. Join the string and pass it to innerHTML and let the browser handle the rest Menos

Hey! I am trying to solve this problem. Can you give me some direction?


45 min Frontend question with HTML CSS and JavaScript. Have to make something.

3 respuestas

Not going to give the question. Had to use mostly vanilla javascript including; setInterval, Math.floor, Array.slice, % operator and understand global vs function vs block scope. Bonus points for understanding request animation frame, this, and the event loop. If you get stuck explain to the engineer your solutions and why they dont work and ask for a hint. I had 2 hints and got the offer. The interviewer obviously knows the solution so dont try and outsmart them. Goodluck Menos

Thanks for the information. This will definitely help one preparing for the interview :-) Menos

Can you please provide more information on this ?


Design a modal from scratch using React

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No DSA round for frontend

Can you please tell the CTC, It would be a great help.

Yes, please and your YOE


Experiences in angular and bootstrap

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Only that's been asked ;) you even did not read the resume.

Thanks for highly interesting in my skills

Quovantis Technologies

Q What if I use var inside Contstructor function? function Person(firstName, lastName, age){this.firstName=firstName;this.lastName = lastName; var a = 5;}; What will console.log(a); print?

2 respuestas

It will give compile time error, as you are using a variable outside of its scope. Menos

I was not able to answer this


Build a custom UI and debug.

2 respuestas

There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so nothing quite like real practice. The Prepfully Atlassian Frontend Software Engineer experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do an honest-to-God accurate mock, which really puts you through the paces. Menos

Do projects with a framework for your choice. Understand how to use the debugger and browser tools. Menos


Why do you want to work at Twitch?

2 respuestas

My history involving coding, streaming, and gaming.

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the Twitch Frontend Engineer experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... Menos


The interview followed a standard format, where an input was given, and certain outputs expected. The inputs were presented in a file on the disk. As a javascript engineer, this was awkward, as javascript is rarely used to read/write directly to the hard drive. Due to NDA, I cannot disclose the specifics of the question itself.

2 respuestas

I explained that although the challenge ideally required writing to/from disk for a "perfect solution", Javascript typically gets it's data input via HTTP, and displays its output via the browser, so that was how I would proceed with my solution. Menos


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