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Se le preguntó a SDE-2 Frontend Developer…4 de enero de 2022

1. Write a function to flatten an array according to given depth 2. Array.isArray pollyfil 3. Promise.race pollyfill 4. Throttle pollyfill 5. Simple Caching function

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Answered all of them with one hint for Array.isArray!


1. Cricket match for 10 team who is the winner 2. print the mathematical equation 3. Boggle Game 4. Current (where I am working) application system design and question around that.

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Answer all the question, got the feedback from one of my friend who is working in amazon, the only interviewer who is expecting me to answer the question in JAVA , he strongly opposed me to select it seems. I did not expect this from Amazon interview, fully disappointed. Menos


JS Coding Problems on various topics


All the companies are gonna ask a lot of questions on Promises. Be prepared :)


Why are you looking for change?


Web Security and Performance to build scalable applications


, 1. Domain Round (HTML, JS, CSS, angular/React): About JS, HTML CSSS and any framework 2. DS and problem Solving Skill: 1. make all -ve no in left in give array, 2. sum two integer string and return it as string 3. design GitHub page by using GitHub api


State Management and Design Patterns


React and Vue related basic questions


First Round - Basic JS questions (Cleared) Second Round - Coding Questions (Cleared) Third Round - 2- questions - related to DSA. First was Singly Linked List. (simple) Second question- Question don't had quality. Because of interviewers question clarity and unknown expectations got rejected. Worst interview experience with helpshift due to this. In-appropriate interview process.

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