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Bloomberg L.P.
Se le preguntó a Software Engineer Industrial Placement…8 de diciembre de 2014

You have a given set of prices in an Array, find at which price you should buy and at which price you should sell so that you maximize the gain

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The idea for the linear solution is, that when the next price is lower than current minimum, you should sell all for the previous maximum and buy for the new minimum. It is actually similar to looking for maximum difference where the min is predecessor of max. Code for the linear solution: void sell_points(const vector& data) { cout data[max]) { max = i; } } // last run if (data[min] < data[max] && max != last_max) { cout << "Buy:\t#" << min << " (price: " << data[min] << ")" << endl; cout << "Sell:\t#" << max << " (price: " << data[max] << ")" << endl; } } Menos

(the last_max check is actually not necessary, in the code I forgot to set it appropriately but it is not needed anyway) Menos

The brute-force solution is to compare each price to those further on and to return the greatest gain. Otherwise I tried a linear solution but I was not sure about the solution. Menos


Why do you want to be in full time management?

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Great company with unlimited opportunity for those willing to work for it.

Because ups is a large companies full of opportunity

Drug test??

Crestron Electronics

How to avoid flow marks in an injection molded plastic part.

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Product designer has to design the part with proper wall thickness and geometric details that assist the moldflow in molding process. Further, during the molding process, we adjust the molding pressure or temperature to speed up the mold flow so that the mold can be filled fast before the material sets in to form the flow mark. Menos

Specify on your drawings critical dimensions so your suppliers can assess and understand the scope of what you need. Then when your supplier provides mold flow analysis it can be done with complete information. Menos

This really depends on the part. There are general rules of thumb to be followed but some of it is trial and error. Menos

Intel Corporation

What do you like about being an Industrial Engineer

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That i can work in a variety of fields and projects therefore i can never get bored. There is always something new Menos

I can use mathematics and computer science to help people make better decision and make more profit. with this process, you can also be a wise man. Menos

Nothing...because an industrial engineer doesn't do anything that wouldn't be done better my a statistician, mechanical engineer, or electrical engineer. Menos


Do you see anything you want to do differently in terms of the layout in this area for Assembly?

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What was the name of the recruiting company?

Mentioned some possible 6S improvements. But I knew this wasn't a question you would immediately be able to answer not knowing the product volume and processes. So it was more about asking the right kind of questions and outlining a strategy I would take to determine optimum layout. Menos

CJ Logistics America

Name a time you came across a problem at your old job, and how did you solve it

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Worked with different suppliers--suppliers would get frustrated not receiving business after the quoting process. Explained to them using reasoning and statistical values as to why they weren't chosen. Menos

When did you have an interview with them? How long after the interview they made you an offer? Menos

U.S. Manufacturing

Can I do the job requested.

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Yes highly qualified and experiienced


Shriram Pistons & Rings

Q1. Difference between Pipe and Tube Q2. What will be the temperature of a closed room if the refrigerator`s door is kept open ?

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Tube is measured by out side diameter the tube is measured by inside diameter

Chkor ma or gol ma ho ta ha pipe

Textron Aviation

Name 3 of your weaknesses

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I hate this question because no one wants to talk about their weaknesses. Plus, if they already know who they want to hire this question just affirms their decision to hire or not hire you. Menos

Be honest about what u lack in, but turn it around as an opportunity for better communication time management, organization, and cite the resources out there to help with this. Menos


Do you know Microsoft Project

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You have to know it, or you wont get in.


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