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University of Texas at El Paso
Se le preguntó a Graduate Research Assistant…6 de mayo de 2015

Give brief summary of your research interests.

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I wrote a 3 pages summary describing different topics.

I am looking for drought resistant genotypes varieties of rice and wheat crops which could grow normally without reducing grain yield. I would like to present some pictures of my work at IRRI.selection of suitable rice genotypes is critical in growing rice successfully with less water. However, information on the response of different genotypes to such water saving technologies is still lacking. Thus, the field experiment with the objective to evaluate the grain yield and yield components water productivity performances grown under AWD20, AWD40 and under CF irrigation schemes. Menos

Water management technology: I am also lookibg for different methods of water application in rice and wheat crop. It is necessary to select appropriate methods of irrigation for these two crops which maintain grain yield without increasing cost of cultivation. Therefore, i am trying to develop different scheme to irrigate crops. Menos

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University of Texas at San Antonio

Are you really interested to do research on the specified topic?

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Certainly, that's why I applied for.



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Emirates Flight Catering

What are your strengths amd weaknesses?

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My strengths is company respect and company business and must follow companay rules i am doing work in UAE 8 year no have one police complain And weaknesses is when doing good work any one not appreciate. Menos

My ability to resolve what could be a difficult situation. I am hard working person and I have a great time management skills Menos

my strengtha is my company respect and company bussiness and must follow company rules i am working in uae for 10 years Menos

University of Guelph

What is your preference of the courses that you would like to be a TA

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Introductory Microbiology

Systematic Bacteriology

Industrial Microbiology

Augusta University

How do you think psychology research will help you in a medical research lab?

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During my undergrad psychology research, I was exposed to behavioral science, survey design, and how to communicate research aims and results to lay populations. Menos

Psychology is everything in any occupation. The saying that "you don't know who you are until you know where you've been" pertains to that idea because the psychology of a person dates back throughout history. Psychology holds the key to medical restoration in the mind which dominos to medical restoration of the body. Menos

University of Texas at Arlington

Interest in the Project

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About the specific technical background related to the topic

I am an agronomist. I am interested to reduce water requirements in Rice farming and wheat cultivation without reducing yields. These two crops are main crops of Nepal. It is important to save water for other uses like industries, domestic, animals etc. Because, water table and river bed of world are going down. Menos

Purdue University

what's your math level

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College graduate student level.


University of Ghana

Not structured. And general knowledge questions might be asked to seek your opinion.

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Mixed theoretical works with pragmatist ideas.


Agriculture an Agri-Food Canada

Have you had any experience in conducting research independently?

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Yes. I did a project on the Predatory potential of Australian Ladybird Beetle for my Final year Undergrad thesis. Menos

Sir were i apply

McGill University

What are your short term and long term plans

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i am geology and i need working as a geologist

in canada and i am living iraq

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