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Apex Systems
Se le preguntó a GIS Technician…24 de enero de 2017

Someone wants to go from Point A to B. How could you crate a map to help him

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Can someone please answer this?

Insert starting point and end point, using QGIS shortest route optimization, import road network layer and run the algorithm, visualize the best route. Menos

Perform a network analysis in Arcmap and choose your start and ending destinations Menos

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Apex Systems

How would you locate addresses?

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There are multiple ways to locate an address, but the problem is confirming an address. 1. Use Google Maps, Bing Maps, or other online source. 2. Do a select by attributes in ESRI ArcGIS desktop if you are using a layer with known addresses. 3. Use the address inspector in ESRI ArcGIS desktop. 4. Create an address locater by Geocoding. Menos

Using Excel address data, convert it to cvs format, import the file in QGIS using google api code, OSM or binge maps, Run Geocoding. Visualize the address points. Menos

Can anyone answer this question?

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Do you work for any other similar projects from different companies?

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City of Hamilton, Ontario

What is your work process and how do you time manage?

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Experience in Automobile Field as Diesel Mechanic to Auto Supervisor,Experiencing more and more to manage my time. Menos

By engaging and discussing

By engaging and discussing

HERE Technologies

Why Would you do this Job?

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Some good things about the Company

What is the job exactly aboutCorporate and Registered Office AddressAvanse Financial Services LtdGr Menos

What is the job. Exactly about?what u need to do?is ot related to coding?


can you work extra hours if need be

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RMSI (India)

What do you know about our company.

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Did u receive offer letter by mail??

Need this job

Did you receive offer letter by mail??


Why do you want to join the ConocoPhillips Team?

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I would like to be part of a successful organization by contributing to a winning team’s success with the opportunity for advancement within a stable organization. Menos

I don't recall my exact answer, but it was something along the lines of wanting to work somewhere new and ultimately provide new ideas to help the company's future. Menos


What is database

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Database is a storage for software where the data can be store.

A database is an organized collection of data

Se le preguntó a GIS Specialist…17 de septiembre de 2009

What is silver polygons?

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It was a strange question because there is no such thing as silver polygons. Silver are only a results od digitizing errors which can be corrected by setting your snapping tolerance. For example, for two polygons sharing the same boundary, on can set the snap tolerance to either to snapp to a vertex or edge, but preferably snap to a vertex solve the problem accuratley. Menos

Yes that was a actually a good question. Its actually a sliver not silver polygon and it a small, narrow, polygon feature that appears along the borders of polygons following the overlay of two or more geographic datasets. Sliver polygons may indicate topology problems with the source polygon features, or they may be a legitimate result of the overlay. Menos

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