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Se le preguntó a Air Craft Material Handler…18 de julio de 2016

Why are you here

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For job


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The Home Depot

How would you handle a difficult customer? Would it be ok for you to recieve orders from someone younger?

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Yes that would be fine

Yes its okey to receive order from a young costumer as long as he or she asking politely ir even he or she doesn't ask politely because its our job to help costumers in need and we have to respond in a polite way and always smile. Menos

yes ,there is no problem to receive orders .you should only respond in a clever way that will humble his or her wrong approach. Menos

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Micron Technology

Tell me about yourself.

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may I ask, is it still "in process"?


Didn’t you tried to email the manager?

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Pactiv Evergreen

Are you willing to work for the company and grow with the company

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Dear Madam /Sir I am very happy to join your company and work your in your company I have an experience more than 20 years in the Agriculture field worked as a farmer preparations farm lands seedling, planting, watering, fertilisering, weeding, harvesting, packing, and managing nurseries and ect. Menos

Really i will be very glad to be part of this family to show my talents and to grow together with the company. Menos


Do you have any experience in this field?

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Yes I have more 4 year of experience in testing soil materials

I said I did not have any experience. This was not a problem for this position.



The first question I was asked by a team of 3 employee interviewers was, "What do you think this job would be?" Because I had studied the job description, I could give a pretty decent answer; but at NO point do they ever describe any aspect of the job to you. Two of the interviewers were OK, but the third guy grilled me to an inch of my life. He even asked me what a certain acronym was for a particular industry organization and one of the other interviewing employees said that "even he didn't know what those letters stood for." I was not offered a plant tour after traveling several hundred miles and I had to ask for one. I might add after over a 2 months process of applying an interviewing I was turned down for the job and the explanation I got from my recruiter was that Nordam felt that I had the academic background, knowledge and theory to do the job, but that I didn't fit their "overall requirement." At NO point in two months was I ever given any hint as to what would be required from me - AT NO POINT. It does seem to me that Nordam did everything in their power to make me miserable for this interview and then they turn me down. Yes, I am bitter; but I was nothing but polite and accommodating throughout the interview process. I even sent thank you e-mails and thank you notes by snail mail to each interviewer. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! DO NOT INTERVIEW WITH THEM!!! You will be wasting your time, I promise. I might add that if Nordam was testing behavior of a person, they went about it through cockeyed methods. A behavioral test would tell them much more than one interviewer making subjective conclusions about someone they forced to have little to no sleep before the interview and didn't offer any hospitality to whatsoever. I wouldn't treat an animal, they way I was treated.

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Its a blessing in disguise that you did not managed to join the company. Trust me. Menos

I answered the question about what I thought the job would require by saying all I could remember from the job description and I even went further and said what other skills I had that Nordam may find useful. Menos

I also did the same. I didn't just regurgitate the job description; I did expound on my other skills that Nordam may use. This is why even Nordam said that I had the academic experience, knowledge and theory to perform the job; yet I was not made an offer. I cannot be sure, of course, but I wouldn't discount a type of discrimination, possibly age discrimination. Menos

Harry & David

What days/hours are you available?

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I'm available any day and time after 10 am Monday -friday

I would like second or third shift .

2nd shift, full 10 hour shift

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

Do you accept working overtime?

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Matheson Companies

Are you a hard worker?

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say yes and you have the job



ProTrans International

What are your availability?? Can you work 9 hours +

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Of course I said yes and I started that next day

Ability to read and analyze information on any possible position. yes I can work 9 works or more as directed Menos

yes I can work 9 hours or more as directed

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