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PNC Financial Services Group
Se le preguntó a Program Manager (PM) Intern…17 de agosto de 2022

What is your past experience in a similar role?


Tell me about your previous experience.

American Express

Describe a time you led a team


What is the most innovative thing you have done?

Olema Oncology

Describe your experience. Several situational questions all based on relevant job experience.

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I gave an overview of my career and focused on the most relevant experience. For situational experience my goal was to demonstrate technical skill as well as the soft skills needed for the job. Menos


What is a challenge you incurred on a project and how did you overcome it?


Would I be willing to relocate for the job.

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PSG Global Solutions

Projects completed, previous experience., approach towards handling difficult situations. Things liked about the job and things disliked

T&G Constructors

Would you be willing to relocate to Miami?

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I am at a point in my life where I would not be willing to relocate. I understand the need to be there as the projects they need managed are in that area and cannot be done well through current remote means. Menos

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Describe your IT program and project management experience.

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