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The Darl
Se le preguntó a Marketing Project Manager…26 de septiembre de 2022

¿Sabés inglés? ¿Tenés una notebook o pc con buena conexión a internet?

Cisco Systems

How could you contribute to the team?

Element Roofing

How would I network in the community?


Tell me about your experience? What interests you about this role? Why would you consider this role if the salary isn't as high as your current one? I don't understand, why would you consider it?


Life Case + apresentação de case


Give me an example of a campaign you created.

Dental Assisting National Board

Had to complete a series of very in-depth marketing exercises, including creating promotional emails.

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Completed tasks well and moved on to next steps in hiring process

Pangea (CA)

If you were to start today what would be your first action item to drive users into the product?

Association of National Advertisers

What should I know about you that I don’t


What are 3 things your direct reports would say about you? Tell me about a successful marketing campaign.

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