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Bank of America
Se le preguntó a Technology Developer and Business Analyst Intern…14 de febrero de 2013

Most of them were basic questions. One was " Write down Java classes and methods that you required for a Transaction" "How do you convey a Technical banking transaction to a street man"

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how do you convey a technical banking transaction to a street man? Can someone answer this?! Menos

so what are the classes and methods required for a transaction?

I think every one knew it.


what carnot cycle?

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very easily.

Macquarie Group

Trovare errore in un codice in python

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Ho svolto l'esercizio

General Intro,Mid Level Aptitude accoring to profile,little psychometric type.

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Expained about experience & All,Environment was very friendly

Meridian Cooperative

Explain your experience with SQL ?

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Writing queries at my prior job was something I did but I did not have to write in depth queries. Menos


Tell me about yourself.

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Gave background information starting from high school, regarding my experience with technology and engineering. Menos

BeneFACT Consulting Group

Behavioral Business Analyst Questions + Technical SSRS Questions

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I think that I answered most of them well.


Describe a framework shown by the interviewer.

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Described what I saw. Was hard because I have never seen the framework before but asked questions and answered the best I could. Menos

J. A. Riggs Tractor

Showed me their classic asp built intranet and asked what improvements I'd make?

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Build a custom solution or utilize an Enterprise CMS like SharePoint.


What can be termed as Successful Project

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The Project is termed success, when the project achieves the objective planned within in budget and time and delivers the value expected by the customer Menos

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