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Se le preguntó a Cloud Systems Engineer…25 de noviembre de 2015

Hoeveel manieren kun je bedenken om een naald in een hooiberg te vinden?

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The answer to all questions is 42

Waarom wil je de naald vinden? Weet je zeker dat je een naald zoekt? Wie heeft de naald daar neergelegd? Waarom wil je meerdere manieren weten? Wat is je doel? Menos

Ik zou naar de supermarkt gaan en een nieuwe naald kopen. Dat is een stuk sneller en makkelijker. Menos

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Asked me about Networking, Windows Servers, SQL query and Linux. Basic commands and scenario based question.

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I gave pre-employment written exam on one Friday and got the call for second stage interview by coming Wednesday. On Friday we had the written exam and Sunday was due date for assignment. All the best. Sometimes they might take longer to reply. Keep us updated. Menos

hi! can you please tell me what kind of questions did they ask you in the pre empl. written exam ? Menos

It was 5 page exam. Networking, Windows Server, Linux commands, Scripting and Internet protocols. All the best. Menos

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Explain what happens when you open a web browser and type in ""

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Why did you decline?

To be honest, I declined it because I had a better offer. Better in the sense of more money, and lots of travel opportunities. I would love to work for Amazon, but if someone wants to pay for me to spend 4 months in Asia, I'm not going to say no. I still highly recommend applying for this job, and if I didn't accept this other one, I would have definitely accepted Amazon. Menos

Hi, me again, the Anon from above. Writing to you again on the off-chance that you happen to check this before Friday as I've been invited for an on-site interview. I'd appreciate any more details you're willing to share in regards to the on-site process: when you say it "covered your personality" does this refer to behavioral and/or aptitude type questions? Were the technical questions they asked similar to the sort of questions on the test? I'd love any examples of questions they asked you or advice you'd have for me. Also FYI: Anyone else reading this that might be wondering - it took Amazon just under two weeks after I submitted the take-home assignment to invite me for an on-site interview. Menos

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- Reverse DNS - 3-way handshake - What is NULL (SQL)

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Did you get the job? or you declined? Whats the pay like there?

Yeah I got an offer, which I've accepted. Glassdoor won't let me change the "offer" part in my review for some reason. The pay is what you'd expect for a graduate role - fair but nothing to write home about. But hey that's grad programs for you, they're more about learning and getting your foot in the door. Doesn't bother me at all, there is so much room for growth at AWS. If you work hard the pay will go up very quickly. Menos

Hi, how long did it take for them to contact you for the background check after your interviews? Menos

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Last project and how you handle the difficult situation in the project

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What is the most difficult problem you have ever had to troubsleshoot or solve? Problem Guidelines: Focus on your individual contributions to the problem if your example includes a team or group Provide a decription of the problem, what actions you took to solve the problem, and what the outcome was Menos

Which of the following configuration steps are required to set up a Linux machine as a NAT? (Select all that apply) A) Enable ipv4 forwarding via sysctl/proc B) Enable IP Masquerading in your firewall settings C) Remove all iptables rules to permit the free flow of traffic through the device D) Install a second NIC card (eth0 in, eth1 out) and bridge/bond the devices E) Ensure your NAT machine's MAC address matches the upstream router you'll be connected to Menos

A customer has asked you to set some very specific permissions on a directory in order to facilitate collaboration between multiple users. Which of the following commands will set the directory called "share" to allow the retaining of group ownership on newly created files and directories inside of it? SUID, SGID, Stick Bit = 4 2 1 = s s t A) chmod 7777 share rwsrwsrwt B) chmod 1775 share rwsrwxr-x C) chmod 2755 share rwxr-sr-x D) chmod 7115 share --s--sr-t E) chmod 1337 share -wx-rxrwt Menos

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tell me how you have spent time learning new things to help you in your current or past positions

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I am more visual person than reading so I listen to training videos. Prepare notes parallel and review it one more time. Once concept is understood, try to implement it in real world scenarios. Menos

I am more visual person than reading so I listen to training videos. Prepare notes parallel and review it one more time. Once concept is understood, try to implement it in real world scenarios. Menos

Thank you .

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You need to patch openssl. What is the quickest way or efficient way of installing the package?

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# apt-get install pkgname , yum install pkgname, dpkg –i pkgname.deb # ./configure && make && make install Menos

yum install openssl for rhel

yum update openssl


Why ping is important when troubleshooting "Unable to take RDP"?

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ping is not very useful to diagnose RDP issues, since ping doesn't probe ports. All it does is check end to end connectivity between hosts and is frequently filtered on firewalls anyway. Nmap / ncat are better because it will tell you if the RDP port is open and reachable from your location. Also, it depends on the error you get. Most likely your user does not have RDP permissions, like not being part of the remote desktop group Menos

If you need to test the network ping is the best way to ensure evrything is fine. I answered with this for Amazon. They also asked how ping works, I kentioned how it uses a special TCP packet to get connection tests Menos

Ping is the most import troubleshooting tool that administrators have on their hands. Without ping we are unable to see if ports are open. When troubleshooting RDP issue, ping will tell how fast windows replies to requests and will definitely tell you if the RDP port at 8689 is open. Menos

Tudip Technologies

Main question was if we were ready to be with them on a long term.

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What are the question ask in English assessment test?

How many round after English round

What is last round after interview


What is fstab?

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Fstab is the operating system's file system where we make the entry of mount point Menos

Fstab is a file that contains details of all mounting points, they are mentioned there to make sure the mounting points stay mounted even after rebooting. Menos

By the way, the default location of which is /etc/fstab

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