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Se le preguntó a Microsoft Cloud Applications Developer…8 de octubre de 2020

Basic concepts in Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and SQL

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Yeah, can you be a little more specific regarding questions and base salary offered? Menos

Do they ask to write code too? and how much did they offer you?


Array given we need to return all possible subarrays with sum equal to k

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Mainten 2 pointers start and regular iterator i. Add the element at i to sum variable. If sum greater then required k remove a[start], increment the start. If equal store that start and i in a map. If less keep adding next element. Menos

psvm(String[] args){ int arr[] = {10,-10,5,8}; int sum= 20; int len = arr.length; Syso(checkSubArray(arr,sum,len)); int checkSubArray(int []arr, int sum, int len){ Map hm = new HM(); int currsum=0; res=0; for(int i=0; i Menos

REAN Cloud

asked about my projects and some questions in c and core java and some basic c programs.

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i answered to some questions

Avi Networks

For the telephonic round it was python coding on an online interpreter. There were a lot of small coding questions.

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Coded most of them


Did not reach the 1st interview

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yes, vary usefully


Showed some code and asked what was wrong with it. They did provide guidance on what they were looking for.

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Syntax errors, best code practices


Technical Question: Given two unsorted lists of positive integer numbers, find the largest difference between the two. The number in list1 must be smaller than list2. Example: {1, 3, 8, 7, 4} {0, 2, 6, 5, 10} Largest difference is between 1 and 10.

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x = min(list1) y = max(list2) if x < y: return (y - x) return None or error Menos

New York Life

Show any working project

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Showed my web application

Mitel Networks

What is Lambda and how it is used?

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Lambda is the Serverless Service Provided by AWS


question asked in g.d-generally about simple question about programming or from hobby.the question that was thrown to me was is is good for banking software. aptitude questions are average prepare from indiabix. technical round-what is clr in .net,what is the difference between public static void main and public void main,and several codes were given about string manipulation and numbers and you have to find out output for that.

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clr is common language runtime which provide the intera-operability between the languages using which the language can communicate with each other.and it include assemblies for languages codes which help in run time. public static void main you dont have to instantiate class or make object to run the method and in the other you need to instantiate class Menos

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