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Preguntas de entrevistas para Backend developer


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Describe in as much detail as possible, standard backend application architecture for processing \u201crequest -> response flow\u201d (routing, name interfaces and abstraction layers to pass through at PHP side). Do not need to describe HTTP protocol or client side, just a backend

Describe your experiences working with databases, caches, and message queues. What technologies have you worked closely with?

Have you worked as part of remote team of engineers? If so, please share your experience(s) and some challenges you may have faced.

Why would you use object oriented programming?

How might the architecture of an application change over time and why?

Describe the SOLID design principles and why they are important.

Please provide an example of an important project goal you reached and how you achieved it.

Write an algorithm that would write the contents of a binary tree in order, from top to bottom and left to right.

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