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Se le preguntó a Backend Developer…14 de agosto de 2015

What is polymorphism?

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Polymorphism means having many forms. In object-oriented programming paradigm, polymorphism is often expressed as 'one interface, multiple functions'. Menos

Polymorphism means having many forms. In object-oriented programming paradigm, polymorphism is often expressed as 'one interface, multiple functions'. Menos

Polymorphism means having many forms. In object-oriented programming paradigm, polymorphism is often expressed as 'one interface, multiple functions'. Menos

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Behavioral Why outreach The impact you hope to have from your next role?What is most important factor in your career/job What do you think about RSpec? How do you compare it with other frameworks What was the hardest/Challenging technical problem you faced and how did you resolve it Coding This problem concerns finding a time when we can do daily recurring maintenance on a server. You are to write a function that is given the following information: List of times when the server is busy every day Duration, in minutes, of the desired maintenance window The function should return the start time of a daily maintenance window when the server is not busy. In pseudo-code, the function signature would look something like this: maintWindowStart(busyTimes, durationMins) -> startTime The "busy times" should be time ranges like the following, and can be represented in whatever data structure you feel is appropriate. 0:05 to 0:30 = [5, 30] 2:00 to 4:01 = [120, 241] 13:10 to 16:55 = [790, 1015] [[5, 30], [120, 541], [790, 1015]] // requested duration -> expected start time // 10 -> 30 // 120 -> 541 // 4 -> 0 // 300 -> 1015

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I am sorry, I didn't meant to comment here!! It was wrong copy & paste error

how long does it take to get an answer from Outreach after the onsite?

I got the same question... which I solved... but interviewer did not clear the question in the beginning.. now waiting for the response. Menos

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algorithm question, competition programming

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What kind of algorithms questions they ask are they of hackerearth or geekforgeek level I mean top coding websites. I wanna know the level of difficulty Menos

Can you elaborate more on these? What kind of algorithm questions did they ask? and what do you mean by competition programming? do you mean that your interview process was similar to competition programming? Menos

I meant they are kind of questions that you can find on hackerrank or top coder sites Menos

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Walkover Web Solutions

Given a string s="my name is anny" print it in this manner: m n i a y a s n m m e y ie first letter of every word in the string

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$str = "my name is anny"; $str_arr = explode(" ", $str); $len = count($str_arr); $w = 0; $max = max(array_map('strlen' , $str_arr)); while($w "; endwhile; ?> Menos

I was trying to give answer twice of this problem but glasdoors validation removes some part of my code Menos

str1 = "my name is anny" liststr = str1.split();print(liststr) lenliststr = [len(i) for i in liststr] for i in range(max(lenliststr)): for k in liststr: try: print(k[i],end="") except: pass print() Menos

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How to reverse a space-delimited-string word by word

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1) Split string into words 2) convert problem into, how to reverse a word 2.1) convert word into an array 2.2) reverse array 3) join back each individual problem Menos

> loop starting from the last element It's not reverse a sentence. But reverse words in a sentence. I.e. ABC Def hij --> CBA fed jih Menos

do with double linked list so only need one loop is enough. O(n)

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whats the angle between the minute pointer and hour pointer at 3:15

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at 3:15 hour arrow will indicate to 16minutes. So diff is 1 minute = 360/60 = 6 deg Menos

U r right, it's 7.5 =) I was wrong and sleepy


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Make recipe APIs for HelloFresh

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You can get the full application in Dhiraj Patra github repo.

Not gonna lie, your code is pretty bad, no separations of concerns, no contextual logging. The position was for a senior engineer, your stuff is junior level at best. Don't lash people out for your inadequacy of the role. Menos

Sorry but I have to be honest, your code is pretty bad. To me the true is, you are not good enough and that's it. You also were very anti ethical exposing the whole code challenging to your Github Menos

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Given an integer, re-arrange the integer such that first and last digit will be at first and second, second and second last digit will be at third and fourth position from left of the re-arranges integer and so on. Example: Input -> 12345678, Output -> 18273645 Input -> 1234567, Output -> 1726354

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static int[] reArrangeMinToMax (int[] ar){ int[] arranged = new int [ar.length]; int small=0; int large=ar.length-1; for (int i=0; i Menos

package Java8; import java.util.Arrays; public class rearrangeMinAndMax { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub int[] arr= {1,2,3,4,5}; Solution(arr); } static void Solution(int[] number) { int[] arr = new int [number.length]; int mid,j,k=0; if((number.length%2)==0) { mid=number.length/2; } else { mid=(number.length -1)/2; arr[number.length-1]=number[mid]; } for(int i=0;imid;j--) { arr[k]=number[j]; k=k+2; } System.out.println(Arrays.toString(arr)); } } Menos

def changed(number: int) -> int: def num_to_str(num: int) -> str: return str(num) def changed_str(num_str: str) -> str: if len(num_str) == 0 or len(num_str) == 1: return num_str else: return num_str[0] + num_str[-1] + changed_str(num_str[1:-1]) return int(changed_str(num_to_str(number))) Menos

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Find the max k elements in an unsorted array.

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Build maxheap and extract first k elements

The best way would be to use the common rank finding algorithm. Find the rank # of elements - k. In the step where k is found look to the right and those are the tops. O(n) time. Menos

You could sort but there is a more efficient way. You could use a priority queue or have an array of length of k, copy the first k elements of the array, sort them and then read the rest of the elements of the original array and swap elements as necessary. Menos

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Fiverr Inc.

Implement a function - isSumPair(int[],sum) - which returns true/false if the given sum can be achieved from an addition on two integers in the given list (can appear more then one time and be positive/negative). Follow up - how to improve space complexity?

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Go over list and insert integers to hashMap (), and then go over the list and find if "sum minus integer" is in hashMap. Follow up - sort the list, go over the list and do a binary search to find if the integer exists. Menos

Python 3: def twoSum(self, nums, target): for i in range(0,len(nums)): for j in range(i+1, len(nums)): if nums[i] + nums[j] == target: return [i,j] Menos

There's a lot of elements to typically cover in these questions, clarifications, scoping, making sure you're answering the actual question the interviewer is looking for you to answer, etc. Could be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Prepfully Fiverr Backend Developer experts... they've worked in the role so they clearly know how to get through the interview. Menos

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