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Preguntas de entrevistas para Technical analyst en Argentina


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Which is your technical knowledge and how is your network in the market?

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Straight and honest answers, sharing personal experiences.

What do you have to offer?

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Si ya maneje base de datos? Como me veo en 5 años

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What do you hope to achieve in this company?

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They asked me about my previous work experiences, the tasks I did there and the ways in which I handled some inconvenience. They were some interested about the knowledge and skills acquired during my career

Why can't you go what you want (or what you came here for) in the company where you are currently working at? Why are you looking for a change? What do you think Philip Morris has to offer?

-Suppose that we predict future sales of X product, what variables would you include in your model?

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-Describe, in your own words what a Linear Regression model is.

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