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Se le preguntó a Senior Commercial Manager…16 de marzo de 2017

What was the one failure you have encountered during your career.

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No answered

Kia Motors America

Did I ever work for a Fleet Management Company? It became obvious that this was a criteria for the job and should have been listed in the job description.

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I explained that I did not work for a Fleet Management Company but still had experience in dealing with companies needing large fleets of vehicles as well as government agencies. Menos


How do you want to grow in the role?

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Team Management

JSW Group

tell me about yourself, technical questions related to commercial, taxation, few questions regarding costing of coal, supply chain management etc

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explained in detail about the commercial knowledge, how can i add value to jsw commercial team. how my career progressed during all these years Menos


What is the most important thing to you when it comes to the company that you work for?

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I answered that the integrity of the upper management and how they treat their employees was of great importance to me. Menos

Virgin Media

why do you think u deserve this position?

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Coz no one can do your job better than me.

Dell Technologies

What they know about the current technologies . Understanding about the Hard Ware, Understanding about Sales process

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With lot of research and understanding about the company and new technologies with basic understanding of Sales cycle Menos


Talk about your experience that you described in your CV


About my past experiences and how that would apply for this role. Awareness about the company etc


They asked me to describe an issue/disagreement I had with a coworker, and how I addressed it.

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