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Se le preguntó a Research Scientist I…10 de febrero de 2010

Why was I leaving previous job?

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I was looking for opportunities for growth


Did you work with HPLC before?

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Yes I did. I had intermediate experience since I worked in lab.

Yes . I am familiar with HPLC use

Agency for Science, Technology and Research

what is your unique skill

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Seattle Children's

What are you interests, future career goals etc

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I believe this question was very important to them. SCRI stands out as not only invested in their own research but the welfare, prospects and growth of their people and my area of interest was different than the focus of the lab. Menos


1H-NMR of ethyl acetate, 2 molecules types of a Diels - Alder reaction, structure of a sulfone and sulfide, what is a Williamson ether synthesis - super - basic stuff.

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Answer the question. You can also google the answers if you get stuck.


Tell me about yourself and your education?

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What do you know about HPLC?

University of Washington

Faced with a managerial issue, how would you handle a confrontation with a co-worker and/or superior?

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Important to respect the chain of command, remain calm, and report to the proper authority. Menos

Bristol Myers Squibb

Asked limited questions about my motivations for switching jobs.

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Explained that I was looking for a position that would further my career and help me develop as a chemist. Menos


Questions were mostly related to prior experience mentioned n the resume whether it was internship or academic projects.

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For entry level positions, it is very important to mention that you are willing to learn. They do not expect you to know everything. Also, be ready to explain each and every experience you have mentioned in your resume. No questions were asked outside resume. They also see if you have the desired soft skills to fit in the group and to communicate with the sponsors. So, try to have a parallel experience to support that in your resume. Menos

Gilead Sciences

Why didn't you go into more detail on the methods in your talk. Thats what we care about, not your obscure academic project.

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I wasn't exactly sure who the audience would be.

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