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Se le preguntó a SQL Report Developer/Data Analyst…31 de mayo de 2016

What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?

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Truncate is faster and there is no logging.

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Write Queries using Join

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SELECT, A.firstName, A.LastName , B. address1, B.address2. FROM Person A JOIN Address B on is primary key on table Person and is foreign key in table Address B Menos

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What do you do to optimize sql queries?

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Review nodes in execution plans on high cost. Review IO and Time statistics to get an idea of how many times a table is getting hit. Menos


They asked me the order of operations for an SQL query

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FROM clause WHERE clause GROUP BY clause HAVING clause SELECT clause ORDER BY clause Menos

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Do you know SSRS reports

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How would you respond to a certain client request?


A Behavioral evaluation. Nothing difficult

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What are your experiences with SQL


How many years of ex you have with Sql queries ?


A couple of small sql queries to check skills ?

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