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Se le preguntó a SQL Report Developer/Data Analyst…31 de mayo de 2016

What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?

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Truncate is faster and there is no logging.

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Write Queries using Join

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SELECT, A.firstName, A.LastName , B. address1, B.address2. FROM Person A JOIN Address B on is primary key on table Person and is foreign key in table Address B Menos

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What do you do to optimize sql queries?

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Review nodes in execution plans on high cost. Review IO and Time statistics to get an idea of how many times a table is getting hit. Menos


They asked me the order of operations for an SQL query

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FROM clause WHERE clause GROUP BY clause HAVING clause SELECT clause ORDER BY clause Menos

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Do you know SSRS reports

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What are your experiences with SQL


If you have two excel sheets with this columns, how would you map it with the master excel sheet so that data can be extracted at that granular level


A Behavioral evaluation. Nothing difficult


How many years of ex you have with Sql queries ?


A couple of small sql queries to check skills ?

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