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"name the 3 types matrices used to manage risk in a project using information taken from PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) "If you have 5 projects running concurrently, describe a single matrix that would easily show how each of those projects were doing"

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Why is an Agile Project Manager interview based on the PMBOK? That's a really, really bad sign. :) Menos

For the second question, I'd probably use either a cost/schedule variance chart... since you can't assume the same budget or schedule for any of the projects, variance against plan would likely be the best way to go. Menos

For both of these questions, I told them if there was a single correct answer, I didn't know it...but I walked them through how I would handle each question. Menos


working in a team model with 3 daily check-in on work status

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Found excellent read:

interesting model in a project management model

Truven Health Analytics

How do you run an Agile meeting?

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15 minutes

Are well do you know Rally software

Tata Consultancy Services

How are you handling Agile at your Organization

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I am a software test Engineer. Everyday attending scrum meeting with developer, scrum master, po and all. Menos

Dear sir, yes i am handling in this job, in my leagal exprience.


What cutting edge technology have you recently studied and advantages.

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My current studies include Cloud Deployment Strategies. Since the Cloud and IoT this seems like the best direction to advance in my skillset. Saas-service as a service and Paas-platform as a service are areas of current interest to me. I chose these areas first because these appear to be two areas that areasad value to a large group specific org structure in both SMBs and B2B companys. As far as IoT this is still a new area of research for me. However, I have some personal thoughts on this topic that have not come together. Menos

Lone Wolf Technologies

Why are you interested in this position?

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Career Progression

Storage Rentals of America

What Kind of Metrics Do You Use When Measuring a Project’s Progress?

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Sprint burndown chart will tell us our progress; how much work left to do and how much has been completed. We can then compare it with the time passed/time left relative to the sprint. Menos


They gave example projects and asked how I would plan and manage them.

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Starting with an SDLC Roadmap would give the foundation of: Analysis Design Construction Testing Deployment Best to have familiarity with what takes place at each of these stages. However to better understand how to struture the project you must know how the organization does business and exactly what problem statement they are trying to resolve. Agile Scrum is quickly growing in popularity. Therefore, it would be a great lesson to learn how to run an Agile Scrum project even if the organization is still utilizing the watetfall methodology. Agile Scrum projects allow for CI/CD as the Sprints progress. Another benefit in Agile Scrum is faster testing and deployment. Menos


Common interview questions

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Common interview answers


What do you think about technical debts? What do you do if a Stakeholder asks something that is not planned in the current Sprint? How do you feel if you have to cancel your holiday due to a Project deadline?

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Technical debts can be negotiated according to the priority and impact on the customer. Menos

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