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Actualizado el 16 jun 2021

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Me postulé en línea. El proceso tomó 4 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Square (San Francisco, CA) en jun 2021


(round 1) Spoke to the recruiter for quick 30 mins ---took about a week--- (round 2) Spoke to the hiring manager (head of sales strategy) ---took 2-3 days--- (round 3) Completed a 2-hour excel/ SQL assessment ---took 1.5 week--- (round 4) Panel interview lasted 2.5 hours with 7 people on the team. Members working under different pillars including sale strategy, sales, sales analytics, GTM ---took 2 weeks, 3 emails pushing the recruiter to get a response---- The process is lengthy, which I do respect and understand with company policy and remote work challenges. The team culture seems very pleasant and respectful to prospective candidates. However, the hiring team is very unresponsive. After such a long interview process, I would think a candidate deserves more than just a system message from Smartrecuiter. Upon reading other interview feedback on Glassdoor, I don't find myself alone (I'm at least the 3rd person posting here saying that the hiring team simply ghosted the candidates after the final rounds). I understand that there is a hiring surge at Square, but this does not excuse the team from treating the candidates well.

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  • 1. excel/ SQL assessment 2. Tell me a time where you work cross-functionally with other teams
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I just got the phone interview done, waiting for the next round. Compensation package is great for this entry level position. Questions they ask in the phone interview is too vague, I don't think the recruiter have any idea about what answer they are expecting.

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