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Me postulé en persona. El proceso tomó 4 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Sofrecom (Casablanca) en nov 2018


I applied for an opportunity in Casablanca and the interview process started with a first interview in another city about 70 miles from Casablanca. I had one interviewer and we started by making presentations and me sharing details about my experience. The interviewer was focusing on my lack of experience in certain tools and techniques I never had the chance to use/apply as if to make me feel unfit for the job. By the ned he asked me about my salary expectation and was shocked when I answered him, not because I was asking for too much but he almost told me you are not worth it here in a pretty aggressive way. I asked for a chance to have a technical interview/test which he accepted. The technical interview took place in Sofrecom's offices in Casablanca. It was in the form of a conference call with two interviewers from Orange France. It went very smooth and they showed good interest in my skills and told me they would get back to me soon. a few days later, I got the offer I asked for, but turned it down because I didn't like how my first interviewer in Sale's Offices behaved.

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