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-Boulder, CO


People were friendly. Straight-forward technical problem solving questions. It all went well. I'm a senior level developer, and the questions were appropriate, nothing tricky.


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I got a call from HR soon after asking me to do an at-home development project. I told her I'd be glad to but I had a family medical emergency. My father had fallen and hit his head and I had to fly back to NJ, but I would gladly get back to it when I got back. Her response was "While I do understand that the timing isn't right, we are looking for active candidates who jump on the opportunity to complete our technical round and coding challenge. Therefore, we are going to discontinue the interview process." So, I would not recommend this company based on the impression that HR made on me. Perhaps they should not be the face of the company that potential employees see. The developers in Boulder seemed like good people. Fortunately, behind any company that treats people like this, there are 5 more that treat people decently.

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