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Had an interview with the hiring manager and told the recruiter my availability. He scheduled the interview in the wrong time zone so it was 3 hours earlier than I was told. Managed to hit it off with the hiring manager anyways on Friday and was asked to immediately complete an assignment over the weekend. Spent all weekend completing the assignment and was then scheduled for four interviews the next week. Did three of the interviews and then was called by the recruiter to tell me I did not get the job. I asked if this meant I wouldn’t have the fourth interview and he profusely apologized and realized he had called the wrong candidate. Showed up for my fourth interview but the interviewer was sick and accidentally slept through the interview while I waited. Rescheduled to the next day where she gushed about the team and said she heard great things about me and even thought I would be great in other positions they were hiring for as well. I followed up with everyone involved and did not receive a response for a week and a half, when finally after another email to the recruiter he quickly called me and told me they had gone with someone else because their background was more closely aligned with what they were looking for. Felt like they wouldn’t even have notified me had I not followed up yet again and that they wasted both my time and theirs when they knew what my background was.

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  • Tell me about a project in your last role that you were really excited about and why.
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