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This is the first time I'm actually writing a review on Glassdoor because I have never faced such blatant stereotyping in my entire career. It all started with a referral, I was able to get some face time with someone who is in the Pre-Sale team through my network. I met him up for coffee and was even able to talk to the lead architect during the meeting (we sat on the lobby area cafe and he happens to walk by so the person I met up with invited him and introduced me to him). After the meeting, he emailed me to let me know that he had spoken with his boss and believed there might be a fit and encouraged me to apply through their website and mention that I’ve already met with him and the lead architect. I applied through their website and got an email about 2 weeks later from the internal recruiter. He sent me an email along with a link to Calendly. I went through the whole process picked a 30min slot he had available and updated my contact information via Calnedly. The scheduled time came and went and he did not call... I sent him an email to follow up. He didn't reply until the next day. He apologized and said he didn't pick up my appointment in time and wanted to reschedule for that day or tomorrow. I replied and said I had 3 pm that afternoon and later or the morning of next day. ... Well, this is when it got interesting he replied with "I'm based in Sydney and so 3 PM your time will be after 6 my time here. ..." I was a little confused... I applied for their Sydney job and my resume clearly stated that I was based in Sydney. So I replied to him to clarify that I was indeed in Sydney and can speak tomorrow morning. After this something bothered me so I Google'd for locations where it was 3 hours behind Sydney and realized he had assumed that I was in China solely based on my last name... At this point I was already pretty dejected with the whole process and thought that if this was representative of the kind of company Mulesoft was I didn't want to be part of that company, however, I wanted to be professional since I attained the interview through a referral. The next day he called 2 min late from the appointment time and proceed with the interview but clearly not interested at all and possibly was reading my resume as we were speaking. Despite the fact that I had spoken with the lead architect and pre-sales team's possible hiring manager who felt there was a potential, the recruiter had determined in less than 10 minutes I was not technical enough for the position. To put it in perspective I had told him I code in 3 different object-oriented languages and I can build prediction model from scratch and have delivered technical POC before along with my consulting experience. When he came to the conclusion I was mentally done and simply thanked him for his time and got off the phone. Afterword I wrote an email thanking the referee for his time and that was that.

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Me postulé en línea. El proceso tomó 1 día. Acudí a una entrevista en MuleSoft (North Sydney) en mar. 2016


I applied via Linkedin, got an email from the internal recruiter asking me if I have time for an initial call the day after. I gave her full availability. No response, no call. Sent a polite email the week after and she totally ignored it. Very bad behaviour. Everyone talk about transparency, I don't see any. I have made redundant 1 month ago, it is a difficult time and these kind of things hurt a lot.

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Me postulé a través de una agencia de empleos. El proceso tomó 2 meses. Acudí a una entrevista en MuleSoft (Londres, Inglaterra) en jul. 2014


Multiple interviews, initial level setting interview with recruiter to ensure that both sides have correct expectations. Then four 1:1 interviews with sales manager, sales consultant, sales consulting manager and consultant. These focused on selling skills and technical capability. Finally 15 minute on site presentation using MuleSoft products to demonstrate both technical ability and sales ability. This was done to salesman, sales consulting manager and sales consultant. Rounded off with interviews with founder, CEO and global VP sales consulting.

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