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Empleado anónimo en München, Bavaria

Oferta aceptada
Experiencia positiva
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Me postulé a través de una recomendación de un empleado El proceso tomó 6 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en MuleSoft (München, Bavaria) en sep 2019


I must admit that it was my best experience of an interviewing process! You feel that you are in a “big machine” implying many people but the HR manager always kept me posted and respected the deadlines which makes the process transparent and smooth. In addition, the HR manager is really here to help you succeed in the process and provides very useful tips! Very impressive! The steps for me were the following: -Phone interview with the HR Manager -Phone interview with the recruiting manager -Phone interview with a senior member of the team -Panel interview

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Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Atlanta, GA

Sin oferta
Experiencia positiva
Entrevista fácil

Me postulé en línea. Acudí a una entrevista en MuleSoft (Atlanta, GA) en jun 2017


I applied for Engagement Manager position with Mulesoft via Linkedin. Later, I received an email from a recruitment coordinator asking me to indicate three available slots for an interview with one of their recruiters and it was scheduled. As I already went through Mulesoft careers portal where they provided the typical interview process and what to expect, I was well-prepared and the questions were pretty standard questions to understand my role, my background, my P&L targets etc - nothing surprising. It went on for 30 mins after which the interviewer gave me an opportunity to ask any questions that I have and I did. The recruiter told me that he would take my profile forward and discuss with hiring manager by early next week. Later, I got a response from the recruiter that they aren't going forward with my profile. From the discussion and later their response, I feel that they look for EXACT FIT - neither someone who has played the role handling larger size deals nor someone who managed say consulting plus outsourcing engagements.

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  • The key questions were 1. What is the size and your engagement and are you as an individual responsible for P&L (or it's a shared responsibility)? A: It's $20M USD and I am responsible for it (Apparently, the recruiter wasn't seemingly comfortable with the number) 2. Typically Mulesoft EMs deal with $4-$5M USD... do you mean you handle $20M? A: Yes, I work in a Top outsourcing company and this is the size of the deals account managers/engagement managers have in ITO companies 3. What is the size of the projects you manage? A: I manage consulting and outsourcing projects. Based on the nature of the engagement, I have managed 3 months engagements to large/long running app/support deals for year or two
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Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Londres, Inglaterra, Inglaterra

Sin oferta
Experiencia negativa
Entrevista promedio

Me postulé a través de un reclutador. El proceso tomó 2 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en MuleSoft (Londres, Inglaterra, Inglaterra) en abr 2016


One phone interview for screening then two face to face interviews. The questions were very basic and boring. I had to answer at least 25 questions in less than 1 hour. The interview seems to be rushed. We didn't have time at the end for em to ask questions.

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A 1 persona le resultó útil esta entrevista
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