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Postulación en línea67%
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Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Singapur

Sin oferta
Experiencia positiva
Entrevista promedio

Me postulé en línea. El proceso tomó 1 semana. Acudí a una entrevista en MuleSoft (Singapur) en may 2019


The interview was quite casual, yet very insightful. The interviewer gets to explain much about the company, and I also get the chance to ask them several questions. A normal first-stage interview on a typical MNC.

Preguntas de entrevistas
  • Why do you want to work in Mulesoft?
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Candidato de entrevista anónimo

Sin oferta
Experiencia negativa
Entrevista fácil

Me postulé en línea. El proceso tomó 3 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en MuleSoft en oct 2017


I applied via linkedIn and was contacted by their recruiter to setup an initial phone screen. The call lasted about 45min and the recruiter was able to clearly lay out the role of the job, the overall structure of the team and how the workload was spread across the team. About a week after the initial phone screen, the recruiter scheduled me for a phone screen with the hiring manager. On the day of the phone screen, the hiring manager didn't dial me until after 30min later. He emphatically apologized for being late and said he just "messed up". This didn't really give me a very good impression of the hiring manager or the company. Nonetheless he proceeded to suggest we connect later or that he could move his appointments around. Eventually, I decided that it would be best to have this call now while he is on the line since this call wasn't a priority to him to begin with. The hiring manager was also very brief in his responses to some of my questions and left me with the impression that I was wasting his time (and mine as well!). The hiring manager mentioned that there would be two rounds of onsite interviews and proceeded to tell me that the recruiter would follow-up in about a week's time concerning next-steps. I received the rejection email the following week from the recruiter. I asked the recruiter to give any feedback that the hiring manager might have offered, but haven't heard back from the recruiter.

Preguntas de entrevistas
  • How did you hear about Mulesoft? Name of the companies that you worked with on some deals. Name of the vendors that you signed agreements with. How did you measure your level of success?
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Candidato de entrevista anónimo en San Francisco, CA

Sin oferta
Experiencia positiva
Entrevista promedio

Me postulé a través de una recomendación de un empleado El proceso tomó 2 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en MuleSoft (San Francisco, CA) en feb 2016


Started with a call with the Recruiter. She was very nice and knowledgeable about the company. Moved onto a call with the Business Development folks. They were also very nice and had lots of great questions. They were more than happy to answer all my questions and provide in depth information into what the company culture was like and exactly what the position entailed.

Preguntas de entrevistas
  • What was one experience from your past that would translate well into what you would be required to do here?
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