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This was a surprisingly low-tech interview process. I spoke with a couple of would-be colleagues, a boss, and an internal recruiter. The interviews all went extraordinarily well by their measure. When it came to discussing the salary, I gave a number and was told it should be fine and I would have the offer in hand within a day. I made the mistake of thinking due to the overwhelming confidence from their side that it was a done deal and although I didn't cancel all other interviews, I started dialing back the efforts of any new leads. One day dragged on to 3 days of being on the hook about it and getting back hemming and hawing and administrative setbacks before finally receiving a counter-offer after having already preliminarily accepted my original requirement. The 3-day-late counter-offer was literally 1/2 what I was originally asking. I had the sense that either they wanted to kill the agreement, or they weren't able or willing to respect their word. Turned it down.

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