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The interview process started with a technical phone screen followed by the on-site round. The technical phone screen revolved around my background and certain scenario-based questions related to DevOps. The onsite round was broken down into various domains like 1. monitoring: Primary focus was towards detecting system health issues across the stack covering both application and infrastructure 2. system design: This rounds tested the knowledge related to microservices, containerization technologies, and deployment strategies 3. debugging: One of the most challenging yet rewarding rounds. They ask you to connect to a faulty server and resolve several associated issues to bring it back to a functional state 4. coding: Not very fancy DSA stuff but still some good coding problems to test your problem-solving abilities

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Me postulé en línea. El proceso tomó 2 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Evernote (Redwood City, CA) en oct. 2017


A Technical Recruiter reached out to my application from LinkedIn and scheduled a phone interview that lasted about 30mins. A technical phone screen with the Hiring Manager was scheduled which lasted around 45 mins and I was invited for the onsite interview. The onsite interview sessions lasted for 5 hours with a lunch interview in the midst. I was greeted and was given a quick overview of the office and about the perks of working at Evernote by a very friendly HR person. There were a total of 6 interviews, some lasting an hour and some 30mins. Some of the interviews were over the video conference with people based offsite. The questions asked in most interviews were pretty straight forward with a clear problem statement and relevant to the SRE position that I was applying for. The overall experience was very professional and positive, I was notified of the results in 2 days. Even though I wasn't offered the job, I really appreciate the professionalism with which the entire process was handled by the various teams involved & the recruiter was very open to questions & offered feedback on my interview which was very valuable.

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