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Actualizado el 22 ene 2013

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Me postulé en línea. El proceso tomó 2 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Evernote (Redwood City, CA)


Applied online, got a call back from a recruiter, phone screened w/ the hiring manager and two senior team members. After that, I was called in for an in-person interview w/ the entire team, first slot w/ 4 admins, second slot with 2 more admins, and a third with another 2 admins, and finally again with the hiring manager. The hiring manager was a nice guy and so were most of the guys I interviewed with... but, there were a couple of admins that almost seemed to have come into the interview with a chip on their shoulder and were asking strange esoteric questions and then debating the semantics of possible answers. At one point I was asked to white board a script, and less than 2 minutes into it, I was stopped and told the "proper" way to do it. Which is fine, but it wasn't a rocket science question, just a for loop, and my method worked just fine. In the end these guys, and one in particular, really turned me off on wanting to work at Evernote and at that point I just gave short answers trying to get it over with. The result wasn't surprising, I received a ding email the next day with zero feedback. I think Evernote has a lot going for it and it wouldn't be a bad place to work, just wasn't a fit for me personally.

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  • Nothing tremendously difficult, though some of the guys will come in with broad problems they've faced and expect you to reach the same conclusion as they did. In other words, they're not so concerned with how you personally work through an issue, but that you work through the issue exactly the same way they did (or do).
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