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Actualizado el 28 sep 2014

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I found and applied to this position online. Within a week I was contacted by a recruiter to set up an initial phone screening. The phone screening was standard and very straight forward. The recruiter I spoke with did ask me up front what my salary expectations were for the position. After the initial phone screening I was scheduled for another phone interview with the hiring manager. This was also very straight forward with your common interview questions. He was more interested in my background and to get me speaking likely so he could gauge my confidence level and how I presented myself. Our conversation lasted no longer than 20 minutes, and at the end he told me that he would like me to come to the HQ for an on-site interview. This was scheduled for the following week. The onsite interview was a bit of a speed date-- I met with 6-8 individuals (including the hiring manager and another manager within the group) over a period of 4 hours. Everyone was very engaging and excited to talk about their positions and learn more about my background. The questions were straight forward. As this was a sales position, I was ready to give my pitch on the product, as any one applying for a sales position should be! I was asked to pitch the product at the end of my interview. 3-4 of the people I interviewed with were there to judge cultural fit, so just be yourself! From the get go, the culture was something I was very attracted to, and after speaking with everyone, I was even more excited about working here. After the interview, I was met with the recruiter, where she told me that they were going to be putting an offer together. We did a bit of negotiation right up front. I was extended an offer several days later and continued to negotiate in several different areas (which I suggest everyone should do). We finally landed on a comfortable number and I accepted the offer.

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  • If you are applying for a sales/business development position, be ready to pitch the product. This doesn't mean that you should know the ins and outs of the service, but you should at least know what the benefits of using the service are!
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