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Actualizado el 12 abr 2021

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Me postulé en línea. Acudí a una entrevista en Evernote (Austin, TX) en mar 2021


Overall 1-month zoom virtual process: initial screening-HRM interview- Onsite interview- Sr. HRM interview Each step took a week and everything was very smooth, in the end of each round I got immediate feedback and instruction to move forward to schedule calls. The first two rounds were pretty good and both of them are very friendly. The recruiter was awesome and helped me throughout my process. The onsite interview was around ~5 hours long including (1 hr peer presentation with 15 designer - 1 hr design challenge with 2 peer designers- 45 min HRM(again same person)- 45 min with SVP engineering- 45 min with PM - 45 min with Design exec.) 2 Days later I got good feedback and they are moving forward. I remember they told me earlier that now there will be an HR round, But, they requested a Sr. Hiring manager call- I thought might be a team matching round. During phone screening with Sr. Hiring manager I had to explain the same 2 case studies 5th time in the overall process, later, she asked me if you have any question. I asked 4-5 questions but she answered the same thing that she joined the company a couple of weeks earlier so she does not have this many insights. The overall tone of my excitement turned down by her and I keep losing interest at this point. 2 days later I got a rejection. Pros I felt: -Friendly people -Only a few of them are smart Cons I felt: -Lack of management skills, -team sprints move slowly like really slow after talking with designers, -designers do not think thoroughly about the UI of Evernote(concluded from design challenge)

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