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My interview experience with Evernote was very memorable, thoughtful, and efficient. It was also pretty unorthodox since I did not apply traditionally and it was for a contracting role. I was in contact with a senior leader at Evernote and after expressing my passion and interest for Evernote, he helpfully forwarded my resume and portfolio to the recruiting team. Immediately the following day, I received an introductory email from the recruiter to schedule the phone screen. The phone screen with the recruiter was very positive and oddly, very fun. She was very personable, encouraging, and just as enthusiastic about Evernote as me. Feeling the synergy, the recruiter immediately scheduled my next 1:1 interview with a senior design leader. I had the same positive experience with the senior design leader, except this time we took a deeper dive into my design portfolio and previous work experience. It felt more like a conversation than an interview which made the experience even more enjoyable. Several days later, I received a follow-up email from the recruiter informing me that even though the team had enjoyed the conversations they had with me, my experiences were not a fit for the contract role. Despite the rejection, I had a wonderful time getting to know the team at Evernote. Two weeks later, I heard back from the recruiter informing me that there was a new contractor position that had just opened that might be a better fit with my design experience. We immediately scheduled my 1:1 with the hiring manager that same day. In the 1:1 with the hiring manager, we had a very straight-forward portfolio review and fun conversation about my design experience with growth. The next day, the recruiter was prompt in scheduling a follow-up phone call to see how the 1:1 went and informed me that the team would like to offer me the position. I was beyond ecstatic.

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  • I would like you to walk me through a design project — what the project is about, your role in it, and your design decisions.
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