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Empleado anónimo en Bhubaneshwar

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Me postulé a través de una facultad o universidad. El proceso tomó 2 días. Acudí a una entrevista en Comviva (Bhubaneshwar) en Aug 2019


The interview experience was positive. The selection process was rigorous and the panel memebers were friendly. There will be multiple rounds. The first round will be an online test (completely technical, based upon the core computer science subjects like networking, rdbms, shell scripting and other languages like python, javascript, c and c++). The next round is also technical where they will ask you to solve a particular problem on paper. If successfully completed that code, they will call for another technical round where they test the core cs subjects and will ask you to dry run the code and show them that it works. The last round is HR.

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Empleado anónimo en Bengaluru

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El proceso tomó 1 semana. Acudí a una entrevista en Comviva (Bengaluru) en Sep 2015


Campus placements Round1- online test. Consisted of 5 sections. Somewhat like an adaptive test since everyone got different questions or maybe it was different sets of questions. 1. Quantitative aptitude 2. Analytical logical reasoning 3. Verbal (sentences and passages) 4. Computer programming section( only pseudo code type questions u need not know syntax for any language )5. Operating systems data-structures DBMS questions. Overall it was an easy test. They selected 40 students from the 1st round. Round 2- technical interviews. Tech interview 1- tougher compared to 2nd tech round. 1. Write a program to delete a node from linked list 2. What is memory leak? 3. Write a recursive function to find the length of a string. An impressive resume highlighting strong knowledge in different fields of computer science- SQL(DBMS), data structs, programming languages(Java, c,c++,Python) was enough to convince the interviewer. Around 12-14 were selected here. Tech interview 2- memory related questions. How is a string stored in the memory. Size of a pointer. If it's a 4gb memory how many addresses can a pointer point to. About your projects and internships in case u have highlighted any in your resume. 1. Program to reverse a number. 10 were selected at this stage. Round 3- HR interview at their office. Everyone's interview was only for 5 minutes. They test your confidence level. Tell me about your family? What are your strengths What are your weaknesses. Has your weakness got you any great loss. Are your flexible in relocating. If yes why ? Any questions for me?

Preguntas de entrevistas
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