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Me postulé a través de una facultad o universidad. El proceso tomó 4 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Azumo (San Francisco, CA) en Jan 2016


Terrible experience! This company has no respect for candidates' time. So I applied through my uni's career portal, and was contacted soon after for a 1-on-1 Skype call with the CEO. The call was OK, general background questions and info about the company, though when I asked about their clients the CEO proudly said that they had none (uh... ok?) and I got the impression that this company was much smaller and early stage than I had thought. After that was an easy automated codility test, 3 technical questions online within 2 hours. Next they wanted to schedule an SF onsite with 4-5 people. We worked out the dates and I cleared my schedule for that date. Then, they wanted to reschedule for a week later! OK... we went over dates again and I cleared my schedule for yet another date. THEN, they contacted me to reschedule just ONE of the 30-minute interviews to another day. To be clear, the schedule they presented meant that not only would I have to make an extra trip to SF on a separate day (for just 30 minutes...), but the guy who was rescheduled was also originally 2nd or 3rd in line, so on the original interview day, I would just be sitting around for 30 minutes doing nothing during his time slot. Yeah, no thanks. At this point I sent them an email requesting to have all the interviews be on the same day, or do without a person if possible. The CEO then emailed me asking if I could commute to work every day if I got the job, and remarking that commute didn't seem bad from my location (20-40min one way depending on traffic). True commute is not horrible but I still feel rather offended as I thought I had made it clear that I was currently working (NOT unemployed and on a full time search) - like of course if I get a job I would wrap up existing commitments but it doesn't mean I'm not busy right now! Plus the whole thing just seems awfully disorganized. Didn't mention this earlier but the Skype interview was rescheduled to be 30min earlier also. There literally wasn't a single interview that wasn't rescheduled!! And I don't understand why they couldn't have 1) interviewed me with the 4 people first, and IF they liked me then schedule the last person OR 2) conduct the extra person's interview over Skype. All in all just seems like lots of time wasted. They have canceled my interviews and not responded since my last email explaining that yes in fact I can commute regularly to work, but I don't really think I want to work somewhere this disorganized anyway :/

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