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Actualizado el May 10, 2017

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Me postulé a través de una recomendación de un empleado Acudí a una entrevista en Azumo (Rosario, Santa Fe, Santa Fe) en Jan 2017


I friend of mine started to work at Azumo and seeing that he seems to be glad of his decision, I asked him to refer me and give him my resume. I was contacted by a recruiter on the following day. She was very polite, told me about the company and its projects and had no problem to answer all of my questions. As English is not my native language, she asked to switch the conversation to English for a little bit. After that interview, later on the same day I was contacted to see if it was possible to have a second call with their CEO. It was scheduled on Hangouts, for the next day. I got a very good impression, he was very enthusiast, had a successful background as entrepreneur and was very willing to talk about their work and plans for the future. Lastly, he asked If I had any questions or concerns and also if I was willing to have a third and final technical interview. I said sure, and it was arranged for the next or the following day. The technical interviewer was a very experienced software architect from whom I already good references from my friend working there. He was very friendly and presented me some coding problems to resolve. He was very helpful the whole time and the problems where even fun to work on, our normal every day coding work keeps us far from algorithmic problem solving and it reminded me the college time learning while having fun. That’s what I can say about my contact with company. Some hours after I had the technical interview. I was contacted from a company for which I had been previously interviewed and decided to take that job but my overall impression with Azumo was really positive.

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  • The technical interview consisted on coding problems to solve and refactor. It was well conducted and pretty fun
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