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Actualizado el Aug 24, 2017

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I had a 60 min interview with the hiring manager. Before I was able to get any info about the position, we dived deep into my resume, with very detailed questions. I was asked to reveal previous strategies, step by step, going over a previous website I used to work for. In addition, I was provided a very direct feedback in the end of the call, stating I am not a good fit for the position and that I need to improve myself, cause "I had a learning curve way to steep to climb" and they "didn't have the time to invest in me. I think that they company didn't read well my resume before contacting me, expecting me to have experience in fields which I never did. The interview was not professional, provided little info about the company itself. I was forced to say what was my salary previously, and I felt uncomfortable. The hiring manager said nothing about the company culture, perks, work-life balance, or any other benefits.

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  • What was the base salary you got in the previous role? Did you have equity or bonuses? What 3 things you liked and disliked about our website? How can you change it? What is our website about? Why do you want to work here?
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